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Frequently asked questions.

Will I get a full warranty?

By EU law, manufacturers must provide a 2 year warranty for all cars supplied to countries throughout the EU, including the UK. Dealers in the UK add an extra year to this and offer a 3 year warranty as standard.

Therefore, if the car we are supplying is UK supplied - which many now are - it will automatically come with a 3 year warranty, exactly as your local dealer would provide. If the car is an import then it will normally come with just a 2 year warranty. It is important to note that the first 2 years of any warranty are the most substantial and have been supplied by the manufacturer. Often the third year cover will have been supplied by an independent company such as the RAC.

If you feel you prefer to have the extra cover then we can arrange to purchase it for you, or you can do it yourself - typically at around about £350 for each extra year, depending on the make and model.

Will my local dealer honour the warranty?

Any warranty supplied is covered by all franchised dealers throughout the UK and EU, and therefore must be honoured by your local dealer.

In practice you should encounter no problems whatsoever from your local dealer
- you are simply a new customer and any work done by them under warranty will be reimbursed by the manufacturer.


Will I get the full UK Specification?

If the car we provide for you is UK supplied then it automatically comes with a fullUK specification - exactly as in a brochure or on the manufacturers web site - there is no way it can be supplied in any other way.

If the car is an import it might not be to full UK spec, although in many cases cars
are now manufactured knowing that the UK might well be the final destination and therefore are very often full UK specification and often with one or two extras as
well. Things like air conditioning tend to be standard on imports whilst classed as an option on UK cars - please bear this in mind when comparing prices. Missing items tend to be things such as an alarm - simply because different countries have
different standards for alarms and it is simpler to fit one from scratch in the
particular country concerned rather than having to remove and install one. Prices
vary, but around £250-350 should get a top of the range alarm fitted to your car
at any dealer - we can organise this for you, or you may prefer to get it done locally.

In all cases we will advise you of any missing or extra items included in the price.
If the car you want must be UK spec please let us know before we quote you.



What is the difference between registered and pre-registered?

New cars are normally supplied unregistered and then registered to the customer as the first owner. This will apply to many cars we supply, including imports.

However, there is an avenue for getting discounts on new cars which does involve
the cars being what is known as pre-registered. The discount is achieved because
we can access the buying power of fleet companies for a few cars. A slight drawback
to this is that the car must initially be registered in their name before transfer to you. Technically speaking, this means that the customer who buys the car is the second owner of the vehicle, even though no one else will have driven the car and
it is delivered brand new with just the usual delivery miles on the clock.

Obviously this may affect the re-sale value of the car, but only if you intend selling very quickly. Once a year or so has passed, other factors such as the condition and mileage of the car far outweigh the slight difference in value between a one and two owner car.

Usually the very good discount that is possible by purchasing cars in this manner
far outweighs the very small disadvantages.



What does the price include / not include?

Because of the differences in the cost of road tax (RFL) and delivery to your door, we tend to not include these costs in the prices we quote on our web site. However, when you request a quote we will normally include absolutely everything in the price, so you know exactly where you stand. If we are unable to do this for any reason - perhaps because we do not know your location, or a price rise is imminent - then we will always state this clearly in our quote.*

Therefore the price we quote will normally include 12 months road tax, delivery to
your door (usually by transporter) plus any options you've asked for. Options will
be at the normal dealer price, although we can sometimes negotiate discounts to
help save even more money.

*Note: Where the car is an import, the price may well vary with the exchange rate.
It is always possible to fix the price by pre-purchasing the currency when the car is ordered, or you may prefer to take a gamble on the rate improving in your favour before the time to pay arrives.

We can help or advise you if you need to purchase Euros.



What about my trade in?

At a dealership you will probably be quoted what seems like quite an attractive price - basically because they will use up some of the profit margin on the car you're buying to make the deal look better than it actually will be.

You will normally always be better to sell your car privately, but if you want to avoid
the hassle involved then we will usually be able to help find a trade buyer for your
car. Obviously this means you will only get trade price, but we will do our best to get the best deal possible for you.

Just supply us with as much detail on the car as possible and we'll see what we
can get.


Will my new car's resale value be less?

Most of the cars we supply are full UK specification so there's no reason why the resale value of any car purchased from us would be any less than one purchased elsewhere. Where the car has been an import with perhaps one or two missing items from the UK specification then it is possible that the resale value will be slightly less - but this will have been reflected in the savings you initially made on purchasing the car, so that should be taken into account.

Where the car has been pre-registered (see other faq) and you are the second
owner, there should only be a slightly lower value on the car if you resell within a
short period of time. Once a year or so has elapsed, whether a car has had one or
two owners does not influence the price to any great extent and again is usually minimal compared to the initial savings obtained

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